charmed I’m sure

A memento of the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary is a charm that we added to my charm bracelet.

We thought it was going to be an easy task to visit some jewelery shops and select a charm. However, it appears that collecting silver charms is not something that grownups do. As one shop assistant put it, “… we grew out of it”. Oh well, something else to add to my increasing list of things I/we do that most people don’t. I supposed we could have spent tens of thousands of dollars on some sort of silverware or an eternity ring which seems to be how our silver anniversary shopping was marketed to us by the few jewelery shops that we visited.

Instead, we stayed at the Seasons of Perth, which was where we spent our wedding night. Except that it was called the Transit Inn when we stayed there 25 years ago on our way to New Zealand for our honeymoon. We do stay there on special occasions in one of their executive suites (lounge and bedroom), and this was one of them.

We went to our favourite restaurant (same street as the hotel), the Yoshiya Japanese Resturant and as it is BYO we took a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. This particular bottle was a birthday present last year from UC to H, and it was kept especially to celebrate our anniversary dinner.

Although we brought a bottle of desert wine to the restaurant, we decided to bring it back to the hotel to drink with our chocolates – given to us by our neighbours for the occasion.

As usual, we caught the bus in and out of the city for our decadent weekend.


3 thoughts on “charmed I’m sure

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  2. On our honeymoon I did get a kiwi charm, with ‘N.Z.’ printed on the base. I saw this or similar on the web site that you suggested.

    I did not get a charm when we visited New Zealand in 2006, although I did look for one.

    Having visited the two sites that you have linked in your comment, I probably will order a penguin charm in the near future.

    The reason for our visit to New Zealand this last time was to attend a LCA (Linux Conference Australia). The Linux kernel/operating system has as its mascot a particular penguin called Tux 🙂

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