second best

1.1 billion dollars is the projected cost of a 60,000 seat sports stadium to be developed at Kitchener Park, Subiaco that will enable Perth, Western Australia to bid for the 2018 Soccer World Cup.

“The Government says it will seek funding from the Commonwealth, business and the sporting codes to help build the stadium.” — Subiaco wins race for new 60,000 seat stadium, ABC News

The Hon Alan Carpenter is the Western Australian Premier; and Minister for Federal-State Relations; Trade; Innovation; Public Sector Management; and Science announced today.

I say, always read the last paragraph of news stories. In closing, the ABC article about the sports stadium also mentions a new museum.

“The other site considered for the project, the old East Perth power station, was deemed unsuitable because of transport difficulties.

That site will be used to build the new WA Museum.”

The current museum in Perth could do with a revamp, more space and resources. But to send it out to East Perth appears a bit odd.

The WA Museum is right next to the State Library and Art Gallery, and on the Perth CAT route. What about the visitor numbers for the museum? Why does it cost only half-a-billion dollars for a museum infrastructure project compared to that of a $1.1 billion new outdoor stadium?


2 thoughts on “second best

  1. The rationale I saw was that to do any sort of redevelopment on the current museum site would require closing large parts of it for long periods of time (a year or more) due to space constraints. Building an entire new facility means the current one can keep operating until the new building is ready.

    As for transport, the stadium will have extreme peaks of use and so needs excellent transport occasionally, while the museum probably needs frequent but not particularly high-capacity transport. The proposed tram line has a terminus in East Perth quite near to the old power station.

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