week 4 – what brought you here?

I had so much fun searching for the keywords that brought people to dilettante last week, that I’m going to pursue this activity some more.

how to shower in a claw food bathtub
I actually can’t remember, except that the shower head was not self-supporting as it was attached to a wall. But I do remember not enjoying showers in the clawfoot bath as the shower curtain used to always be blown in against you. On hot days this was just annoying, but on cold days it was awful especially when it continued to cling. We now have a corner spa bath and have tiled the two walls so that a shower curtain is not necessary.

i want to feel I`m alive
This is the title song in the film As it is in Heaven. We saw this film last summer as part of the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF). It is still my favourite film. Reading this post again almost a year later, I see that if I want to link I have to get better at finding those links that will persist. It appears that the PIAF is particularly bothersome about not wanting to retain or archive their programmes.

Found my beginning entry to our History of Science Tour with Robyn Williams. I certainly tagged this post correctly – ‘Unfinished Objects’. This means that I have had the first pack of photographs sitting on my desk ready to be scanned since April 2007.

lemon balm drug sniffing dogs
I certainly mentioned lemon balm and drug sniffer dogs, but in two different posts within five days of each other. Possibly this is an anomaly of displaying an number of posts on the one page so the indexed search terms are for concatenated unrelated posts. I found by searching for the terms myself than lemon balm is antibacterial, antiviral and calming. It can also be used to repel mosquitoes.

steampunk influenced quilts
These search terms were inspiring and led me to crescentwench and other Etsy sellers influenced by steampunk. My influences were simply mechanical with brass and black powdercoat. I will finish my quilts, but I’m not sure if the colours and designs are ones that I wish to keep. But I’ll wait until I have some more renovated rooms and completed quilts before I think about it anymore.

sweet chilli sauce
I’ve made one batch, provided the butcher with a tray of chilli, and continue to use chilli from the garden for our meals (warm prawn and mint salad, Thai chicken and mint salad). The sauce recipe that I used provided a smooth jam-like texture which people have commented on, so that I would like to try one that is a bit more chunky.

how to twist wires together
I guess it depends on the purpose, but searching for this myself I didn’t realise there was so much more to twisting wires.

get off my garden
I’m not sure if people were looking for the specific product or just reaching out in exasperation as I did. Currently, I’m cultivating sufficient piss off plants for a mass planting.

Ixodes ricinus
This search term is a puzzle, but it may have appeared in the included RSS feeds. I thought that I had wrote about the ticks that were at Dryandra, but I don’t think they were these ones as we became rather blase by the time we became accustomed to frequent tick checks and removal thereof.

Pictures of baby termites
I found the University of Hawaii Termite Project had the best pictures.


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