tell no one

Directed by Guillaume Canet, Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One) is based on Harlan Coben’s novel Tell No One.

The film is long, but the 125 minutes is needed to unravel the story with all its twists and turns.

As a thriller, the film has its action packed moments, but at other times it has the feeling of being led through some sort of maze wondering all the while what the hell you are doing there. I was a little confused with the number of characters to begin with, as few are introduced and then you are left to sort out the relationship between various other players.

The story is about Dr Beck, a pediatrician who eight years after his wife’s murder becomes under renewed suspicion when two bodies are discovered near where his wife’s corpse was found. Through a series of flashbacks the story unravels at an uneven pace that kept me wondering what else could possibly happen. The answer – a lot.

Prior to seeing the film, I had only read the synopsis provided by the festival programme, At the venue, I overheard that the film was based on an American novel. The transposition to France appears to have worked seamlessly, but I guess I can say this because I have not read the book in an American setting.

There are a few loose ends, but one intriguing one is that the tech savvy Dr Beck recognises when his computer is being connected to by another and what he does about it. Initially he goes online to follow the included link (web cam showing his wife is alive?) in an email, which is how the watchers are able to pursue him.


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