we’re 25 today

It is our twenty fifth wedding anniversary today.

While digging out wedding memorabilia, making plans, and talking to people we have discovered that quite a few consider twenty fifth wedding anniversaries remarkable. The day does feel sort of different if not special because of the congratulations that we have received from family, friends, and even strangers.

We are so used to celebrating our wedding anniversaries as a couple that we didn’t think to plan anything that involves others until people started noting what number wedding anniversary that it is. And I did get a photocopy of our marriage certificate from the bank to ensure we got the right day 🙂 Over the week leading up to the day we decided to just let people who we spoke to know our plans.

When we were married on 22 January 1983 there were quite a few people who said how much they enjoyed dancing at the after-reception party at the Kalamunda Hotel. We’d already left on our honeymoon so we missed the fun.

We’ve decided for our 25th wedding anniversary that we’ll make sure we stay for the party!

Our cunning plan is to meetup at the Perth Blues Club at the Charles Hotel tonight [1] on the 22nd January for dancing, drinking, and talking.

This is no private party, just the regular Perth Blues Club that happens every Tuesday. It’s $10 to get in and the drinks are reasonably priced and there is food available if you want it.

We’ll still probably do something special ourselves later in the week, but the Perth Blues Club is on the day to mark the occasion.

[1] Craig Sinclair will play a 45 minute set from 8:30pm, Damon Carren will play a 45 minute set from 9:45 pm, and at 11.00pm the night finishes with Methyl Ethyl & the Fabulous Keytones.


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