week 3 – what brought you here?

Thanks to wordpress.com I can view the search terms some people use that brings them here. Often, the key words or phrases are perfectly explanatory and I know immediately why you are here, and I may have something to offer in your quest. But sometimes, I know that dilettante is not for you or what people search for to end up at dilettante is so bizarre that I do a Google myself to see why they have have ended up here. I’m also curious 🙂

Do spiders live in mango pips?
I wonder if you found the answer in between growing mango trees and red backed spiders?

Pomegranate Fruit

I know spiders live in the ends of pomegranate fruits, so I will be careful while I nuture these, but I’m also having some success with sprouting mango pips and would prefer that there were no eight legged surprises.

walking bathtub
Not sure whether you meant ‘walking bathtub’ or a ‘walk-in bathtub’. Glenda Rolle’s walking bathtub was intriguing and I did not know that there were baths with doors and with so many choices. I guess it’s something to think about when I can’t get my leg over. From a quick glance, I’m not sure how well the door seals are going to last as I always have bubbles in my bath. I think the only bathtub I have talked about is a suggested conversion.

best hacking accounts
I know these people would have not found what they are looking for here as they have confused what I understand hacking to mean with cracking. I’m with Stallman on this one.

Steve Irwin
When I did a search for ‘Steve Irwin’ today, Google listed 3,410,000 results. Out of all of them, I’m really puzzled why people follow up two blog articles with creative titles such as uni week 03 and uni week 04. Why not Interview with Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin or ‘That sort of self-delusion is what it takes to be a real Aussie larrikin’?

I wish I knew what people were looking for specifically. I know I was looking for a reputable source of the quote “If you can’t explain it to the charlady, you don’t know anything about it.” attributed to Ernest Rutherford. But I can mention that Rutherford’s Den in Christchurch, New Zealand is worth a visit if you are interested in the man and his work. This is where I first heard the quote that I included in the UWA Expo 2007 window display.

houses for renovation north west
I guess I’m wondering north west of where. Unfortunately, I think my north west is probably not helpful.

Drank away her memory
Reads like a song lyric. But it’s not here. If I add ‘dilettante’ to the search terms, I see how we have arrived. I guess the required hint is to put apostrophes (‘ or “) around what you know is a lyric or phrase that you are looking for.

The Convenient Solution
Apparently, there is one.

“Duraid ibn al Simma” + Egypt
This is one search that leads to an answer that you probably don’t want to read. I too went looking for the source, to find that ‘there is no Egyptologist called Dr Al Simma’.

what is in lupin mulch
My guess is lupin stuff, without hopefully the peas. But then again, you could then grow your own mulch?


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