third time lucky

Today I tried the ‘sabrina’s breadsticks’ recipe from Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion. This is the third of three recipes that I have followed from Alexander’s book.

The recipe said to roll out the dough into a long log. I could only roll it out to the width of the round plate that circulates in my fan-forced convection oven which is much shorter than the breadsticks I see in the grocers.

They were a bit doughy, but the outside is crisp and the inside is a consistent springy. And they do/did taste VERY nice.

Breadsticks are probably not so practical as a loaf of bread, but I guess we could cut them lengthwise to make a roll for lunch. Leftovers to be cut thinly for a ‘chocolate bread and butter pudding’ as I’ve had the sultanas soaking in the cointreau for at least a week now.

The breadsticks do take a long time to make, although not time consuming as most of the time is waiting dough rising time. Also, they only take one teaspoon of dried yeast, so inexpensive in the scheme of things.

I think we will have to remove the bread, bread knife and cutting board from the dining room table though. That way, we are not walking past and having JUST another slice 🙂


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