heard it on the radio

“This morning the two universities [University of California and Melbourne University] will unveil a broadband link between the two institutions which moves data at one gigabit per second.” — Aust broadband will fail to compete globally, expert says, ABC

Although I liked hearing on the radio the ‘one gigabit per second’, I thought that fast broadband speeds were already technically possible in Australia. It’s just that there is a big difference between stated download/upload speeds and actual speeds obtained. For example, do you know any home or small business users that have a 1.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps plan that actually consistently gets nearer to 20 Mbps?

The availability of the technology I feel has got little to do with the company that owns the core infrastructure and the seemingly high price in comparison to what other people pay in other countries (albeit often more populated). And if our broadband is already such that “Australia will not be able to compete in the global economy if it does not greatly improve its broadband internet capabilities”, broadband speeds will be going backwards if the Government’s proposed clean feed filtered internet connection is implemented.

Perhaps this morning’s demonstration will highlight that the technology is available, and that it is necessary for politicians, ACCC, and Telstra to free up the infrastructure so that telecommunications companies can be ‘really’ competitive.


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