do teddy bears die?

I think I found the culprit that introduced the moths to the other teddy bears.

This teddy bear is made of lace and filled with potpourri. When doing my recent checking and sorting of my teddy bear collection, I noticed what appeared to be black soot where some of the bears were sitting. Apart from the nearby bears getting the black dust in their fur, the only other teddy bear that was affected was White Bear.

White Bear is a string mohair teddy bear made by Merrythought. And apart from being my only white furred bear, he is a present from H for my birthday in 1993 which is auspicious for being the only birthday that I have spent in hospital.

I vacuumed and wiped White Bear with a damp sponge and sprayed with insect spray and have not seen any other occurrence of the moth – which is a relief.

But what to do about Potpourri Bear? He has been isolated from the other bears since I discovered he was harboring the weevils. His ears are no longer filled with potpourri and his face is only filled up to the eyes. The lace is also holey in places that it shouldn’t, although still stiff to give the Potpourri Bear shape. It appears that he has a black-eye as the lace is a little holey around the eye and the potpourri shows through more than other places. I have some rose petals that I have dried. Before I put him on life-support I suppose I could try to re-fill him with the rose petals. Or should I just let him go?

Somewhat related. I read in the January Loose Produce newsletter that you can control pantry moth by putting food items such as dried fruit, flour and rice in the freezer for a couple of days. I was wondering whether this would be a better treatment for teddy bears than a periodical insect spray and vacuuming.


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