kookaburra sits on

The Edge of Heaven is a film that unfolds after a brief glimpse of the future. There are many stories that intersect and are cleverly interwoven using time. Shot in Turkey and Germany, it is a miscommunication between culture rather than a clash, but in no way does this diminish the poignancy of the story.

It was a film where I chewed the inside of my mouth – as I discovered the next day. So, it must of kept me on the edge of my seat.

Each section is announced, so in a way you know what is going to happen, but when it does it was still a surprise or unexpected. It is a complicated story, but simply told. I felt that you get a sense of the personal amongst the bigger picture of society and country.

We rode our bikes again to the Somerville to have a picnic before the film started. What was pleasing is that when we came out – we saw that the bike rack FULL. So we are not unusual in riding our bikes, just in the minority.

While having our picnic, the rather ruffled looking Kookaburra sat on the wall and appeared interested in our picnic. But this time we could not possibly have had anything of interest to this bird, as we shared olive bread, Greek salad, and potato salad. Later, the Kookaburra sat on branches of the pine trees surrounding the cinema seating after flying low over the picnickers. Obviously, checking out whether they had anything suitable for a Kookaburra that sits in pine trees rather than on a gum tree.


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