out of the bag

According to the smh.com.au article Plastic bags join the endangered list, Australia uses 4 billion plastic bags a year and China uses as many bags in 48 hours.

Levy or ban? I think just ban them.

Since 2005, we have been using shopping bags that we can use and shove in the washing machine, and re-use. Yes, the conference bags that we got at Linux.conf.au 2005 are the most used and long lasting than any bags that we have obtained at conference.

Note: The article states “The energy consumed in the life cycle of a plastic bag is estimated to be equivalent to 13.8 millilitres of crude oil, or about a teaspoonful.” I think this must be a typo. I’ve always thought that a teaspoon is equivalent to approximately 5 ml, and a tablespoon to 15 ml.


3 thoughts on “out of the bag

  1. Hmmm. I’d agree with a checkout price per bag, make people actively think about needing the bag or not.

    However I use my plastic bags as bin liners, and since I don’t do much shopping (and I also use re-usable bags for shopping some times) I often run out of them at home. When I run out I make sure I go shopping and stock up on free bags. What would I use for bin liners if they get banned?

  2. Just be daring and use a naked kitchen bin Anil.

    We have a little chrome flip lid thing with a black poly internal bin that lifts out. We wash the black inner bin in the sink about once a week and all the rubbish goes into the big bin loose. Mainly meat waste and plastics that we can’t recycle.

    Veg skins, seeds, etc go to the worm farm and onion, lemon stuff (that worms can’t have) now goes in a compost bin.

    Providing Cleanaway really -do- recover our recyclables stuff, I’m happy we’re doing reasonably well minimising our landfill waste.

  3. @Anil
    Since we started to just chuck waste from the kitchen bin into the green wheely bin, I have a STACK of bags. These are from a stock of bin liners that I purchased and those that you get from shopping. Yes, I’m imperfect and I forget the ‘shove in the washing machine shopping bags’ from time to time.

    Yes, we minimise the stuff that goes in the green wheely bin, but like Anil, I like bin liners as it is easier to carry out the rubbish. Also, during summer, the kitchen tidy needs washing every day if you are not going to carry straight out rubbish that you know is going to be messy.

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