come for dinner

“Now, all we have to do is realise that there will never be a moment in time when the house will look perfect, and our lives will be cool and calm enough to be able to say ‘come for dinner’, but that we have to say it anyway, and do it anyway. — Jill Dupleix

With new resolve, the first weekend in 2008 we said ‘come for dinner’. So on Sunday night we flung open the French doors and set up the oak extension table complete with new white table linen, new plastic resin chairs to seat eight, and dragged out the put away cutlery and Wedgewood Countryware.

The dinner menu for the evening included:

tzatziki dip
french onion dip (Philly cheese, French Onion soup mix, cream/milk to adjust consistency)
Kalamata olives


Main Course
lamb racks basted with marinating paste (cooked in charcoal Weber)
Greek salad
asparagus with lemon and coriander
chick peas with spinach
creamy potato gratin

And to finish off, we all squeezed in some cheesecake with berries that Glenys made and brought. Yum.

Nuts (Brazil, Hazelnut, Walnut, Almond) that we cracked and opened ourselves

Thank you to our first guests for being guinea pigs for the big night in. We were able to try out our new chairs and find out what we have and what we need in order to relax and enjoy the occasion.

Apart from some guests facing a stack of wood, I don’t think our house renovations will get in the way of being able to say ‘come for dinner’ more often. At least during summer.


2 thoughts on “come for dinner

  1. It was a tremendous and successful effort by J & H. The food was mouth watering and consumed with vigor by all except two of the guest who were to say the least, DIFFICULT TO PLEASE.

  2. @Glenys
    Thanks. Although I did note in my diary to telephone and ask if there were any particular foods that people didn’t eat. I didn’t make that call, but I’m still puzzled about what is consumed and what is not.

    We have a number of vegetarian and vegan friends their choices appear to be much more straight forward.

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