nearly painting the fence

I only wanted to paint a bit of fence that I could see from the laundry window.

Several days later I have since prepared the whole fence for painting. Chipping render and concrete using a scutching hammer and paint scraper. And today, completely washing and scrubbing to remove any dust or specks of render that I may of missed.

H has pushed up the fence capping, so that I don’t have to be too careful when painting.

Tomorrow, is the big day for painting. And I’m going to start on the unpainted part of the fence that I can see through the laundry window. Then, I’ll dress the areas where the paint has been chipped and rubbed off ready for a second coat of paint another day.

The only tricky bit so far, apart from working in the heat is continually removing cobwebs. I have seen five different species of spider, none of which have been a red back.


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