the end of 2007

For New Years Eve I made two dips; French Onion and Tzatziki. I dropped a bowl of each dip together with some wafers next door for the street party.

Then it was on our bikes to pedal into a head wind to the Somerville to see I Served the King of England.

The film was true to its preview with Chaplinesque comedy and some interesting scenes, for example the bees following the girl who had just tipped raspberry cordial down her front and over her hair. Also, the game the protagonist played throughout, was to throw coins on the ground and observe people scrabbling for the money – even millionaires. But all in all, the film was pedestrian in comparison to the previous films that we have seen as part of the festival.

Our New Years Eve picnic consisted of the dips that I prepared and a Thai Chicken and Mint salad. H had to get an icecream though because the shallot were a bit hot in the salad. This was followed by the Terry’s Chocolate Orange that I got for Christmas, with a magnum of Trilogy to wash it down.

After the picnic and film, it was on our bikes again. We were the only cyclists on the cycle path, but we had to watch out for many more people that had come down to the foreshore to see in the New Year. Sometimes I wish people had to wear lights if they are going to be on the shared path.

Dropped our bikes and gear off home, then in next door to join our street party to see in the New Year with more champagne. J next door had got the ‘vinyl’ out to encourage people up to bop. We saw the New Year in with 94.5 FM as they were doing their Mix 600 Countdown again. This was news to me as I don’t listen to 94.5 FM, but I think the only requirement coming up to midnight December 31 is volume followed by the last ten seconds counted down. We also got to see and hear the fireworks at Gloucester Park over the top of the trees which was great.

The beginning of a new cycle and with H being a rat it is his year.

Best wishes for 2008 and all that you wish for.


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