we said please

I saw you amble across the park with your dog waddling behind you. It squatted on the grass where the children run and play their games next to the playground equipment.

You must have gone round the block as you later ambled up the path next to our porch, your dog waddling up on the verge alongside which proceeded to poop on the verge. H yelled out at the dog, and you simply called the dog which stopped midway through its business to obey your command. I can understand you not using an angry tone of voice with your dog, it’s not its fault that he has an irresponsible obnoxious and rude owner.

You know that you should have cleaned up after your dog, but you don’t ever intend to. Your dog is not on a leash, you don’t carry the bags, and your dog waddles behind you.

Just for you, I collected a bag purse from the council today. I went there to get the dog poo disposal bags but they suggested that I take the bag purse so that you can tie it to the leash. I learned today that a dog not being held by a leash may attract a $100.00 on-the-spot fine (Dog Local Law), but this is a pittance in comparison to the $2000 penalty if you do not ‘remove the excreta of that dog from any street, public place or any land’. The council staff explained that I needed to get the disposal bags from the disposal sites, so I walked to the foreshore and collected some for you.

We have tried to dissuade your dog from using our verge and garden with commercial products, plants and visual dog owner indicators in the way of bottles filled with water. Now, we have said please, by providing you with the bags and the purse which also states ‘Thank you for being a responsible dog owner’.

If I see your dog poop on our verge again I will thank you more directly. I now know where to get the disposal bags. If I have to clean up after your dog again, I will see if it will fit in the letterbox where you found the dog purse and disposal bags that I collected for you today.

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