life and plays

We saw Molière at the Somerville Boxing Day night.

The film is about Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (stage name Molière), a French playwright, through a mosaic of themes and plots from his plays. How much of this is biographical I don’t know, but who cares as the film is a delightful comic romp during the 1600s in France.

The costumes are rich, there is tragedy as well as romance and some good belly laughs. The soundtrack not just complements the film, but I think would stand on its own as a collection of music.

Some of the story line is predictable, and it is funny for all that, but the plot does get complicated in parts. The twists and turns in the plot and sub-plots are anticipated by the audience as they are sometimes admitted by Molière by way of narration.

The film is 120 minutes, in French with English subtitles. Although a long film, it appears to end abruptly, and there are many layers that I missed. For example, the irony of Molière adopting the name Mr Tartuffe when introduced into Jourdain’s household.


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