joined the club

The Perth Blues Club’s Christmas Party last night was one big gig titled ‘Bob Patient Santa Band & Guests’. It was a really loud and boppy night from 8.30pm until lights on and before we all turned into pumpkins. Vocalists and musicians played both solo, and mix and match to lead one big party.

Mind you, it is big party every week even when it only the three advertised bands. You just have to look at the upcoming Gig Guide or the archives to see the amount of local, interstate and international talent that comes through the club.

When H used to listen regularly to Spoonful of Blues on RTRFM, he would often win tickets to go to the Perth Blues Club, and we would go. We have started to go again intermittently which might become a habit so we have joined as members. As well as student and single membership, they have a couple membership option which I think is really cool.

No gig Christmas Day, but the 2008 programme is starting on Tuesday January 1st.


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