carols in the carport

Thanks to the organisation of a very special couple in our street, last night it was the 8th Annual Carols in the Carport. Although not a night for leisurely picnic, we still made up a full audience and managed to dodge most of the rain.

We have missed the last couple of Carols in the Carport, so it was good to go this year and get to chat to our neighbours especially the ones who we often just get time to wave to throughout the year. It is not in the same league as Daft Punk (which was on at the same time), but neighbours and friends created a programme of musical numbers, carols, stories and jokes that were well received. I really admire people that can just get up and tell a joke well.

The prizes went to many of the littlies that are just old enough to stand up. Thinking about it, I suppose in some of the music videos it looks like the artist is eating the microphone 🙂

We took up a bottle of champagne and a plate of fresh out of the oven Chorizo Puffs. I didn’t realise until I got to reading the end of the recipe that they are meant to be served up warm, so instead of a plate to share following carols, our puffs were offered round during the programme. Most people were intent on the performance and their drinks, so we got to eat quite a few ourselves. They were a bit doughy I think because my oven was not hot enough, and I will need to check the temperature the next time I have a go. Otherwise, they were quite easy and quick to make.


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