somewhere in between

GANGgajang were not at Homebake, but it was the title of their song that I thought about with a BIG question mark at the end after reading two stories on today.

Instead of just being able to read accounts such as; “Outdoor festivals – you go along with your friends and have a day in the sun, see a bunch of bands, get sunburnt, drink too much, fall over”. — Paul Dempsey


“The Greens were out in force campaigning against the use of drug sniffer dogs at Homebake.

But police said they had made at least 29 mostly drug-related arrests and issued court notices to 40 people for possession of drugs including cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and LSD.

Two people had been charged with supplying a prohibited drug, police said.

NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon complained that government resources should be redirected to catching the “Mr Bigs” of the drug world.

“It’s the big drug manufacturers and dealers who need sniffing out, not young people stepping out to enjoy a day of music with their friends,” she said in a statement.”

At first I thought, everything is being politicised, and then I read in other news:

“TWO police officers handcuffed a 64-year-old pensioner, threw her to the ground and then searched inside her bra and underpants on a busy suburban road in the mistaken belief she was a drug dealer.

The ordeal left an ailing Leentje McDonald, of Maroubra, in hospital and severely traumatised. But she did not receive an apology from police. Rather, she has been charged with assaulting an officer.”

This is Australia?

Source: Thousands turn out in Sydney for Homebake and They threw me down, they hurt me, they searched my bra.


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