offal good

The Dinner Guest (L’invité) was a hilarious real laugh out loud film.

In French with subtitles and stars Daniel Auteuil as Gérard, Valérie Lemercier as his wife, and Thierry L’Hermitte as their new neigbour, Alexandre. We saw Daniel Auteuil in The Valet (festival film in a previous year), which was also a good laugh.

Gérard is in the running for a job in Indonesia after being unemployed for three years. The signing of his employment contract is to be done over dinner.

Alexandre offers to help when Gérard explains that the invitation is for dinner at home, and Colette admits to not being able to cook. Their neighbour’s advice is not always welcome and often misunderstood, and the rehearsal for the ‘contractual grilling’ is fast paced and perhaps not leading up to what you expect – apart from more laughs.

Kitty the goldfish is unknowingly the subject of many a laugh as is the serious side of “crazy about trains”. Aside: Awful pun about Rod Stewart’s latest model passion in Hobbies Of The Rich And Famous Rock Stars ( Part One) in

Although the film is an outright farce with many witty lines, a sub-theme could almost be what is perceived to be art and culture, and standing up to your own values, and crap corporate culture.

The Dinner Guest is on until Sunday 9 December at the Somerville, then the last week in December at Joondalup Pines.

Stay for the credits, as quite a few bloopers and outtakes are shown that are funny too.

Note: If you go to the film I would like to know the word they used for “crazy about trains”. I thought it was sidérophile, but have also found ferroequinologist, ferrovipathe and siderodromophile to my amusement.


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