mint and a mole cricket

When tidying around my newly planted mint I noticed a mole cricket fall into the cistern.

I tried to help it out by propping sticks and branches up against the edge, but it wasn’t until I popped in some corks that were lying around the back yard, that the mole cricket scrambled out. Silly thing, went down into the cistern again the same way it got out, so I left the corks there.

Note: The corks are available to be used as mole cricket stairs as the cats have not retrieved or have lost interest in playing with them.


Leftover stalks from mint that I harvest elsewhere in the garden I have begun to plant in a cistern buried in the backyard. It is in half-shade and the cistern retains water, so we will see how the mint goes over a Perth summer.

The cistern will prevent the invasive roots of the mint from getting into the rest of the garden bed.


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