potato curry with mushrooms and peas

Not sure where I collected the FeelGoodFood magazine published by Western Potatoes, but it has a very simple and tasty recipe for potato curry with mushrooms and peas (PDF – 452 KB). It says that it serves four, but if you are having the dish as a main meal then it is an ample dinner for two. We have had it a couple of times now (using Ruby Lou potatoes), and it is yummy.

Browsing the Western Potatoes website, I learnt that the Western Australian potato industry produces approximately 60,000 tonnes of fresh potatoes for consumption around the state.

Based on where I shop, I think the variety of potatoes are limited to two or three. But according to the varieties listed on the FeelGoodFood site, nine varieties are available throughout the year.

I think I will follow their growing tips and attempt to grow some potatoes even if it is from the eyes of the potatoes I obtain from the local shops. Due to quarantine restrictions, I can’t purchase heritage varieties from places like The Digger’s Club.

I’ll have to find a spot for ‘ordinary’ potatoes, but sweet potatoes can be underplanted in the orchard of citrus trees. An edible groundcover sounds promising.


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