what, no tomato?

Apologies to the ‘What, no Potato?’ marketing campaign, but with water restrictions that are being enforced in Victoria, it is more likely to become ‘What, no Vegetables?’.

But it’s ok, you can lie in it. Swimming pool owners can do what produce gardeners cannot, i.e. top up their pools with a bucket in between the two designated watering days.

From Vegie growers carry the can for everyone else:

There is concern the Government picks on the most vulnerable in the community — including the elderly, many of whom have nurtured their gardens for decades — instead of dealing with large-scale recycling, outdated infrastructure, water lost through evaporation, leaky pipes, broken mains and metering errors.

Compared with the savings to be made in these areas, garden watering is marginal.

But Water Minister Tim Holding said there would be no concessions for vegetable plots. “Households can still water their vegetable garden twice a week and can use rain water (from tanks) and grey water at any time,” he told The Age.

It looks like vegie gardeners are going to have to have lots of bubble baths based on that response. But no, they have created a GoPetition, Allow Water for Produce Gardens in Victoria because as Marika Wagner of East Brunswick, Victoria says:

“All I’m asking for is to be able to use a watering can on the off days; not for sprinklers or anything, that would be ridiculous”.


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