gardening in the suburbs

I’m still getting out into the garden, but of late, my public gardening journal is at MyFolia. Like Facebook, you need to be registered to view my account to read about the gardens and journals.

Summarising the last seven to eight weeks, I would have to say that the two designated watering days are not enough for the fruit and vegetables in the garden to thrive. And yes, the soil is conditioned, manured, fertilised and mulched. All plants just need more water.

  • Tomatoes are coming along fine although the bugs are beginning to discover them too.
  • Rhubarb was harvested for the first time and cooked in minimal water with a little sugar – yummy.
  • Radishes are finished. Early finish as the watering was not on while we were away for an apparently dry week at home.
  • Leeks are hanging in there. I think they need more water.
  • Red onions and Chrysanthemum (Snowland) seedlings that I planted turned up their toes. I didn’t realise that it was hot the day that I planted them (10 November 2007).
  • Feral parsley (flat-leaved and curly), tomatoes, pumpkin and zucchini are doing well.
  • Self-sown nasturtiums are beginning to show.
  • Planted more herbs; Valerian, Lemon Thyme, and Lemon Balm.
  • Interplanted pots and baskets with Spring Onions, Mixed Leaf Lettuce, Sweet Basil, and Coriander.
  • Council mowed the side verge, so I raked and edged.
  • Front verge looking dry, but perhaps this is a way to observe the seasons. I don’t think people in South Africa water their veldts.

Looking more seriously at grey water systems and rain water tanks so that our citrus trees and vegetable plants are more productive.


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