and there’s more

Dryandra Woodland not only has Numbats and Barnia Mia, but walks from 1km to 25km.

I did not do any of the official walks, only walking between tracking stations, and back from the field to base.

But on the way I saw lots of goannas (reminded me of racehorse goannas in the North-West), bobtail skinks (on the way to the bathroom), echnidas, and more birds and flowers than I can possibly name.

The echnidas always curled up into a ball or stuck their head in the hole they were digging as if to say if I can’t see you, you’re not there.

The trigger plants were cool. I’m not sure if this is the book trigger plant (Stylidium calcaratum) or pincushion trigger plant (Stylidium uniflorum).

As were these flowers that I was able to identify later as native hyacinth or white candles (Stackhousia monogyna) from the books that people brought on the trip.

We were put up in the Nissen huts in the Currawong complex, but there are some very nice cottages that couples and smaller groups can stay in that form part of the Lions Dryandra Village.

The best time to see wildflowers in the South-West of Western Australia is early September.


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