not beans again

Actually, we haven’t had beans for a while, and the Risotto with beans was very tasty.

The recipe says serves four, but if you are serving the dish as a main meal with a green side salad, I would say it serves three, or two hungry people that like mushrooms 🙂

The only change I made to the recipe was that instead of the long grain rice, I used the same rice that we use for paella, i.e. Mediterranean or Arborio rice. Also, I didn’t muck about with wires or asbestos mats, but cooked the dish in the electric frypan.

The only oops was that I soaked and cooked 225g of dried pinto beans, and we only needed 225g of cooked pinto beans. I wish there were tables converting dried weight to cooked weight without having to start to tabulate my own. Know of any?

Meanwhile, I’ll look up what else I can do with cooked pinto beans.


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