smart storage batteries

Successfully trialled in hybrid vehicles, CSIRO’s ‘Ultrabattery’ will now stand still to become the first hybrid battery suitable for storing electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Smart Storage Pty Ltd, a technology start-up venture between CSIRO and Cleantech Ventures is to develop and commercialise battery-based storage solutions.

In Australia, rebates are available for grid-connected and stand-alone photovoltaic power (PV) systems, but current storage batteries are expensive, and hinders many households considering harnessing the power generated by their photovoltaic power system.

The Smart Storage technology is a hybrid battery which combines an asymmetric ‘supercapacitor’ electrode and a lead-acid battery in a single unit cell. Advanced materials used for the electrodes and current management absorb and release charge rapidly and at efficiencies well above conventional battery types.

With plans towards manufacturing in existing lead-acid battery plants, the new storage batteries may well be more affordable such that they may be more tempting to people who are just a teeny bit more passionate about renewable energy.

Image credit: CSIRO


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