Etch from scratch – Java

There have been a few web sites, that I quickly move on from as they require Java. They have just not been important or enough of them for me to install Java – until today.

I received a notice that the Australian Science Media Centre were hosting an online briefing on biofuels. In order to participate, I needed Java.

Well, I installed Java, but not in time to participate in the briefing. But this will be available to download and listen to later if I’m still so inclined.

I guess if I really wanted to listen to the briefing live, I could have just installed the version (Java Sun JRE 5.0) that is available in the Debian stable repository.

I’ve already got a bit of a mess on my Debian Etch system having not used the package manager to install Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash, so I was not about to go down that route with Java. But I learnt that Sun JRE 6.0 was available, and I could get it from the unstable repository. And my reading and learning did not stop there.

Having started reading Installing Java on Debian and then Getting Sun Java 6 On Debian 4.0 With APT Pinning on Weiqi Gao’s Observations, I got distracted reading about APT pining and Feta.

A morning later, I mostly followed Weiqi Gao’s Observations to install Java Sun JRE 6.0 (and the rest), and began to learn about APT pining and play with Feta.

The only thing that I would add to this, is that to get the plugin to work with Iceweasel, I needed to create a sym link in my .Mozilla directory to /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/ as per‘s PluginDoc.

The successful installation of Java has been confirmed using, entering ‘about:plugins’ in the Iceweasel Location Bar, and wiggling a molecule.


One thought on “Etch from scratch – Java

  1. The molecule wiggling site works with java5, which is in the Etch repositories (non-free). Installing sun-java5-plugin is supposed to bring the jre5 with it (I installed sun-java5-jre first then found out about the plug-in).

    Thanks for these notes.

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