marginal again

My ten minutes of democracy is over for another three years, and it’s all over bar sweeping up a few marginal seats.

Lucky us are still in what appears to be the most marginal seat in Australia (Swan). I hope we get to find out either way sooner than the three weeks it took in 2004.

Last night, the counting stopped with a 0.2% swing to LIB. Now, when I look (Last Update: 25/11/2007 17:10:37) with 77.1% of the votes counted, ALP is ahead in two-party preferred – ever so slightly. So it looks like it is going to be down to postal votes again.

If I can’t have who I voted for, then I still prefer the previous member rather than a ‘fringe former East Perth footballer’ (whatever that is).

Hopefully we will get some governing done real soon now, instead of playing politics.


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