riffs and brooding melodies

Ed Kuepper is in town to launch his new album Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog.

We saw Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective (Peter Oxley and Jeffrey Wegener) at the Fly By Night Club, after spotting them in X-Press Magazine. There is an interview in issue # 1084 (22 November 2007).

There were two sets. The first included pieces drawn mostly from Ed Kuepper’s vast repertoire including the Laughing Clowns. The second included songs from the Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog album. The version of ‘The Yellow Dog’ that we heard tonight was pretty cool.

The new album was inspired or is about Jean Lee, the last woman hanged in Australia. This story has been well documented many times before, different versions, and still controversial. I thought the subject matter was a black if not moody choice for an album, but it suits Ed Kuepper’s style. As Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine said, “excellent riffs and brooding melodies”.

Kuepper pre-empted Jean Lee’s song by saying that it includes ‘every fucking detail’. The club sound was starting to get a bit muddy, so I’ll listen to the lyrics from the CD.

The two CD set that we purchased at the club, H got Kuepper to autograph just with his signature. What is more interesting was listening to what other people wanted Kuepper to write on their CD covers. Fortunately, this interest assisted me to be patient while we waited our turn 🙂

Seeing Kuepper live at the Fly By Night Club was a great night out. Just watching Kuepper’s fingers fly at speed when playing some of the riffs was amazing to hear and watch.

Image credit: Ed Kuepper the Kowalski Collective from Feel Presents.

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