numbat time

For the last eight days we have been on Numbat Time.

Down at Dryandra Woodland (two hour drive southeast of Perth) as DEC volunteers, we have been radio-tracking Numbat families, i.e. mother and children, as they leave and return to their burrow, forage for termites, and frolic and bathe in the sun.

Numbats ignore daylight saving, and it would be difficult to report results having recorded data in Western Standard Time (WST) for the first week of radio-tracking and Government Time for the second week. So the project team stuck to WST for another week after the designated day for moving the clocks forward an hour, which fondly became to be known as Numbat Time.

Back in Perth, we have moved our clocks forward, but my body clock is still on Numbat Time, and will probably remain so right through this second year of the Daylight Saving trial.


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