behind the scenes

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity as a Project Numbat member to go behind the scenes at the Perth Zoo to see the baby numbats.

The whole morning was simply wonderful and I would like to thank those volunteers that ensured that participants had a good time and for the event to run smoothly.

As well as seeing the baby numbats, we listened to a presentation by Vicki Power, Senior Numbat Keeper, Native Species Breeding Program, Perth Zoo and Chair of Project Numbat. This included a showing of the new short film (includes English sub-titles) about the numbats at the zoo and released into the wild by the Department of Environment and Conservation. I do hope this video is going to be spread widely, and perhaps even goes up on YouTube.

Morning tea was a spread that you could not resist including fresh fruit, sandwiches, and pikelets. Note: I prefer crepes, but I noticed the pikelets disappeared pretty quickly 🙂

After morning tea we split into two groups; one to got to see the baby numbats and the other to radiotrack a numbat.

We then swapped activities so we all got to see the baby numbats. Oohhhh.

I learnt that adult numbats eat 20,000 termites every day.

At the Perth Zoo, they are fed on termite custard and termites.

We even got a showbag that included a numbat pin.

But my favourite moment, was still seeing the baby numbats.


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