OpenCD to OpenDisc

I have only scanned the discussions on the forums and I’m pleased to see that OpenDisc has returned to being a CD of open source software for Windows and does not include Ubuntu. Previously, many of the people that took TheOpenCD from me were very confused as to what constitutes an operating system and whether they needed the Ubuntu ‘program’ to try any of the listed software included on the CD.

The difference a couple of days makes.

I prepared material for the ‘Creating a Web Site Using Nvu’ practical session presented on a Tuesday including the CD image (TheOpenCD SFD2007 Edition 2) that was prepared for Software Freedom Day 2007 from SourceForge.

On the Thursday, Chris Gray posted in his blog about stepping down from being the sole developer and caretaker of the OpenCD project to launch the OpenDisc project. This probably goes some way to explain why I found it so difficult to locate and obtain the ISO for the most recent ‘TheOpenCD’.

However, it will be a small thing to update my notes to refer people to The web site is welcoming and very easy to navigate to enable you to download OpenDisc, setup notifications for new releases, satisfy your curiosity with about, faq, news and program list pages, and forums. The project web site invites you to comment, participate and contact the project members and other contributors.

Also, it is likely that KompZer will replace Nvu on the OpenDisc in the near future so I will need to update my tutorial material when the time comes to present the practical session again.

A CD that includes only open source software for Windows will make it much easier to distribute, and still provide an introduction to open source and free software, including GNU/Linux.


2 thoughts on “OpenCD to OpenDisc

  1. @linuxstudenti
    Unfortunately, the holding page for OpenCD does not offer information about languages other than English.

    Thanks for letting me know that the Italian Edition of TheOpenCD is available and under continuing development.

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