uni week 11

The Science Communication Displays, Exhibits, and Interpretation unit has got to be the best class to take at UWA. Interesting and compelling guest speakers, excursions and field trips – assignments, and no exams.

This week, Stephen Anstey, Curator, Western Australian Museum had all of the class enthralled for over 2 1/2 hours talking about how the ‘Howzat!’ exhibition came together at the WA Museum.

Now, I’m not the teeny bit interested in cricket, but I would have gone to this exhibition after hearing Stephen’s talk. The good news is, that it will become available again (if you are prepared to travel out of Perth), but without The Ashes and displayed in 150 sqm instead of 400 sqm.

After class, it was up to Karakamia Sanctuary, a one hour drive from Perth, just outside Chidlow.

At the sanctuary, I saw Woylies and Quendas for the first time. In addition, we saw kangaroos, Tammar Wallabys, and Ringtail Possums.

I think I need more practise at taking photographs of moving objects, as we saw plenty of mammals, but most of the photographs were of a fuzzy back end and tail. This is the least fuzzy one of a Woylie.

We were lead through five different habitats by Simon the walk guide, who very enthusiastically told us about the resident flora and fauna of the Karakamia Sanctuary. I tried to record the sound of the Banjo Frogs, but they were just too far away. Simon’s imitation was pretty good though 🙂 Note: The recording on my digital camera was just a bit too crackly, otherwise I would share it here.

It was a magic walk. One hour at dusk, and one hour in the dark spotlighting for the animals.

After that, it was off to Little Caesars Pizzeria in Mundaring. It was a good pizza, but I still prefer Pizza With Attitude the best. Reason being, alfresco at Little Caesars is a little like having a table in the middle of a truck stop.

All of which, was part and parcel of my course at UWA.


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