on the cards

My birthday cake is just about all gone. Only yesterday I remembered to invite Ethel our neighbour (who also likes Celebration Cake) to morning tea on Saturday to finish off the rest. Hopefully, we will still have some to do just that.

I’ll take down my birthday cards when the cake is finished, some to put away and others I will stick next to my TBR (Too Be Read) book pile to use as book marks.

Birthday wishes used to always come by hand or snail mail. Now they also come as email and e-cards – not so good when you collect postage stamps.

This year I received a Jacquie Lawson pelmanism e-card that included sound effects. I especially liked the cat purring. You don’t get that with a printed card.

Printed cards included:

  • Mam made a card of painted flowers to send best wishes from all those in Gooseberry Hill.
  • A kitten having a big yawn with the verse “I’m just sooooo excited it’s your birthday”. The tiny pink tongue looks really cute. If you have cats, you know it sometimes looks really silly when cats forget to pull in their tongue from having a good lick.
  • A girl and her cute teddy with the verse “Have a lovely birthday, Hugs and Kisses”. Teddies are pretty reliable for hugs.
  • Two women standing in flames with what I thought was a monster in the background (but ’tis the devil) with the caption “If I’d known I was going to end up down here, I would have drank more, had more sex and taken all my sickies” and the verse reads “Now’s your chance… have a sinsational birthday!” I think this is my favourite this year, as I try to focus more on “what’s in it for me” 🙂

Thanks all for your best wishes via the internet, Australia Post, and in person. But I still like stamps ;-p


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