uni week 10

No scheduled classes this week, as the following week combines our regular lecture and tutorial sessions with an excursion to Karakamia Sanctuary starting at sunset.

Study this week included writing up the evaluation report on the Numbats Under Threat Exhibit, Perth Zoo which I presented in the previous session.

Also, preparations began on the next assignment – a guided experience within 5kms of the university. I walked through my draft script and decided that I needed to choose somewhere else to start. The time was not completely wasted though, as the purpose of choosing my particular theme (Biodiversity on the Verge) was so that it can be conducted anywhere there is a verge or median strip. My concern was that my starting or meeting point was a little too busy with road traffic, so I felt I had to choose a different location.

It turns out that the new location I have chosen is more interesting anyway, even though we are walking along the foreshore and I cannot do a circular route without wading or swimming 🙂

I remembered there was a book in the Co-op Bookshop about the Swan River, so I went to the bookshop mentally wearing side-blinkers to the October book sale. The book did not suit my needs, but I found a much better (although more expensive) and larger book in Perth Plants: A Field Guide to the Bushland and Coastal Flora of Kings park and Bold Park, Perth, Western Australia published by the Botanic Parks and Park Authority. The book will be an excellent resource for may assignment and my growing hobby of wanting to name the weeds naturalised plants in and around my home garden.


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