Nvu – creating a web site

I had the opportunity to create tutorial material and conduct a practical session at uni to create a web site using Nvu.

The purpose of the ‘Creating a Web Site Using Nvu’ practical session was to assist university students in the UWA Science and the Media (COMM3321) unit to design and create a web site (multiple web pages) using Nvu. This included:

  • creating a home page (index.html)
  • creating additional web pages (e.g. about.html)
  • adding images to a web page
  • links to other web pages and web sites, and other files (e.g. podcasts)
  • formatting web pages for a consistent look and feel

The practical session was two hours long and material included:

The tutorial was prepared on a Debian GNU/Linux system for use in a Mac Studio by students that use Windows at home (all except one). So the tutorial attempted to envisage any differences or difficulties between the three platforms. Fortunately, there was only one anomaly that was attributed to one platform, in that Safari did not launch automatically in the Mac Studio.

During the practical session, one of the students that followed the Creating a Web Site Using Nvu tutorial found that he could not modify the title using Format > Page Title and Properties having already modified the HTML in Source View. I will check this and edit some other minor formatting issues in a future revision.

Feedback from the unit coordinator and students affirmed that the practical session went well. Follow up the next week was less certain, but some students said that Nvu appeared to be straightforward to use and they did not feel they needed any further assistance.

I enjoyed this work because I was able to share my enthusiasm and introduce free software for the first time to colleagues and other students at uni.


3 thoughts on “Nvu – creating a web site

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  3. hi, interesting information you got on web sites, but can you make money or on this technology? i’m not tolking rich but supplemental income. Which is better HTML or PHP or Flash? What i mean is easier to build/create? thanks, good post

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