lamb shanks with couscous

I may choose lamb shanks when we go out to a restaurant, but I thought I would look up a recipe and try it at home.

Interestingly, the local butcher explained that a few years ago they found difficulty in giving away the lamb legs even for pet bones. While I remember Dad always beating us kids to eat the tender meat from the roast lamb leg, Now, the shanks are quite expensive to buy considering that most of the portion is a bone.

In the The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander I found lamb shanks with couscous.

This is definitely slow food. I think it took about three and half hours to cook all up.

The recipe suggests that you can ‘Reheat any leftovers with water and without lamb for a great soup’. Although I halved the recipe, we still had a lot of the vegetable stew leftover, so we stuck this in the freezer – this chunky vegetable soup we had today, and it was delicious.


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