When we got home from our weekend, we found a mystery squashy parcel left on our table round the back. This was soon to be revealed as a birthday present as it was wrapped in gift paper with “HAPPY B’DAY SIS” written on it in writing that I recognised.

H later revealed, that as he had already organised a birthday surprise, he had passed on what I told him to Brother that I would like socks for my birthday.

Brother obviously got into the swing of buying non-boring socks. Although when I rang to thank him, he did say that he had got a little help 🙂

I did have a cursory shop for socks when I was in the city for my birthday getaway, but was not overly enthused as they were mostly plain. Perhaps Spring is the wrong time of year to obtain bright and fun socks ?

Shopping for clothes is on the same list as photocopying and grocery shopping. I’m now wondering if Christmas and Birthdays coming once a year would be often enough as a way to get out of shopping for clothes. It may work – the last time I went shopping for clothes was in preparation to go to New Zealand for Linux.Conf.Au in January 2006.


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