uni week 09

In this week’s session of Science Communication Displays and Exhibits, and Interpretation we each presented our evaluation of a display or exhibit.

Classmates’ presentations included:

And I presented my evaluation of the “Numbats Under Threat Exhibit”, which is part of the Australian Bushwalk at the Perth Zoo.

All of the talks were interesting and I think introduced us to some places that we did not know about, and may wish to visit ourselves without the necessity of a uni assignment.


3 thoughts on “uni week 09

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  2. Hi Guys thought you may be interested in what we are doing down near Margaret River developing a 100ac conservation sanctuary all self-funded through our chalet income.
    We do have a Blog at http://www.yelvertonbrook.wordpress.com and online shop will all profits going towards our conservation work http://www.yelvertonbrook.cafepress.com
    Our website is http://www.yelvertonbrook.com.au
    We are finalists in the 2007 WA Environment Awards next month in Perth.
    We are also hoping to get a study of our Frog population – any helpers?
    We now have 3 endangered native species onsite and possible more to find!
    Regards Joy

  3. @Joy
    Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about Yelverton Brook.

    I will certainly let my classmates and unit coordinator know about the conservation sanctuary.

    Wrt “any helpers” for a frog population study, I feel that you may receive more response if you are more specific as to the type of help that you need.

    Also, it may be worthwhile teaming up with research and volunteer organisations to create awareness of your project. For example, Western Australian Naturalists’ Club and Conservation Volunteers.

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