birthday leeks

I like sharing the celebration of my birthday with the Queen as it means that there is always a long weekend around on which to do something special. This year we stayed in town and were tourists in our own city, including visiting the Egyptian antiquities from the Louvre at the Art Gallery and going to my favourite resturant, the Yoshiya Japanese Restaurant.

Leek Seedlings

This year, before we caught the bus into town to our hotel, I planted 28 leek seedlings that formed part of my birthday present from Dad. I planted the leek seedlings in the shape of a leaf radiating from the Frangipani tree.

I planted them as I was told, conditioning the soil sand, making a hole with my dibbler, laying the seedling in, then puddling the soil into the hole using water from the hose pipe. At the moment, the biggest threats are snails and cats. Snail baits have been put down for the slimy leaf trimmers, and the seedlings have been surrounded with sheep manure which I have found that the cats don’t appear to like much.

While we were tempted, we refrained from cutting my birthday cake until afternoon tea when we returned home.

As usual, the Glenys Celebration Cake is yummy, and only to be shared with special people 🙂

I was well and truly spoilt this year with cards and gifts. Thank you! It goes a long way towards making up for having a birthday on the same weekend as the AFL Grand Final and NRL Grand Final ;-p


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