a bit cheesy

Once I figured out the step I missed with regard to the filo pastry [1], the Cheesy Roasted Vegetable Filo Rolls turned out quite well.

The recipe is from the Good Health Recipe Book published by Dairy Australia, and is the same book from which I made Chicken and Garden Vegetable Risotto.

They have a new recipe booklet, Good Health Recipe Book II which on first glance has some yummy recipes to try. Published by Dairy Australia, they do insert ‘Australia’ into as many listed ingredients as they are able.

We followed the serving suggestion and ate our warm filo rolls with salad, but I think they would be nice and tasty as finger food too. The recipe that I followed so assiduously says 10 serves (3 per serve), but we were quite a bit short of that probably due to overstuffing of the pastry.

[1] I forgot to defrost the filo pastry before attempting to use it 😦 So a lot of it broke and needed much patience to put back together again. Thanks H.


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