house renovation – north west gable

Yay, H moved the scaffold around to the front of the house today.

What this means is that the first gable, that is, the north west gable is completely renovated. We don’t have a BEFORE picture of the north west gable, only the original south east gable..

The south east gable is similar structurally albeit in better condition than was the north west gable before renovation took place. The north west side of the house is the weather side.

But now with its new cream cement sheet and eave battens, and Deep Brunswick green wood both decorative and to cover the joins in the cement sheet, the north west gable we think looks the business.


3 thoughts on “house renovation – north west gable

  1. We started on the NW gable with the gable and eve battens already removed (a long time ago in order to prepare them for re-installation). The only original battens are the two uppermost green gable battens; the rest were past restoration. So most of the timber battens are “new” (re-machined recycled jarrah); fibre cement lining is new-new. The finial and barge boards were new when the roof was rebuilt and sheeted with CustomOrb during major renovations 1990-ish. So steps for this job were:

    – Realise asbestos lining was past it and removed (very carefully), Now in doubled black plastic ready for disposal.

    – Pack out top plate for correct fit (the asbestos was bent out around the brickwork),

    – Move out (replace mostly) the studs flush with the packed plate),

    – Fit new lining this time with moisture flashing on the bottom edge,

    – Cut and fit gable battens and remove for painting,

    – Paint the lining, barge boards and finial,

    – Refit (painted) battens,

    – Fill holes, final top coat on all battens to finish.

    – Mental note to recoat in 2014 (7 years is the maximum time between recoats for acrylic according to Richard)

    – Shift scaffold to next gable.

    Easy really 🙂

    Secret renovating business: the timber is painted on all surfaces to see if this will stop the rot from water ingress from the back (normally raw/unpainted) sides of the timber. Since jarrah is acidic the primary coat was oil based Pink Precoat so it should exclude moisture; unlike acrylic. Time will tell ..

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