attract or repel

The rose garden smells like something has died in it and crawled under the garlic chives. There isn’t, because that is what I checked for first.

I planted the chives around the edge of the rose garden to repel aphids. The roses don’t have aphids, but the chives have bugs. The garlic chives are teeming with black bugs, which look like a type of aphid.

A couple of days ago I sprayed the chives with liquid soap. The clump that was badly infested turned into a black spotted smelly mess, so I pulled them out.

With the rain, the chives have sprung up a few centimetres and these are now again absolutely covered in the bugs.

We don’t eat the chives so I suppose I could spray them with something nasty, but then the ladybirds won’t have anything to eat 😦 But then again, I haven’t seen any ladybirds either, but it could be a bit early for them. In addition, clumps in other parts of the garden that we do sometimes harvest, that is, under the mandarin tree are also ‘attracting’ the bugs.

If I assume the bugs are aphids, the remedies that I have found on the internet are to simply keep spraying them off with water, soapy water, various recipes, or resort to cutting them down. I guess I could become more strategic and spray them off with water and spray them with one of the concoctions over a week to see whether they come good.

I do want my rose garden to smell of roses.


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