bean and done

The hedgehog bean sprouter has been brought out and dusted off to sprout four of the Peter Beans.

From head to tail; Peter Bean Two, Peter Bean Five, Peter Bean Three, and Peter Bean Six. The other two types of Peter Beans were planted directly in the ground.

Peter Bean Four was planted a couple of days after Peter Bean One on 13 September.

I have been able to identify [1] Peter Bean Six as the Digger’s Club Poor Man’s Bean (Dolichos lablab).

Strictly speaking it is not a Peter Bean, as I gave them to Peter. I wanted him to have something in return for all the plants, bulbs, and seeds that he kept giving me. But he gave them back to me and said he would have some seed from the plants that I grew.

I will have to check with the Digger’s Club though, as a quick search showed that certain varieties are considered poisonous and it is used only as an ornamental to quickly grow and cover up.

[1] Although I did not write this specifically in my gardening journal, events around that time jolted my memory.


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