Etch from scratch – Nvu

Discovered today that Nvu is not part of Debian Etch. Having found a tutorial that said to get it (for Etch) from Debian Backports. I paused – for a moment, or two, or three.

Debian Backports is for programmes that have been backported from Debian testing, or so I thought. So if Nvu is listed as N/A in Etch and 1.0final-0bpo1 in Sarge. What does this mean?

I decided to take the plunge. Downloaded nvu_1.0final-0bpo1_i386.deb anyway, became root, and used dpkg to install:

dpkg -i nvu_1.0final-0bpo1_i386.deb

Nvu was correctly added to my Xfce Apps under the Net menu.


Now to check Nvu on the Windows box. I installed it ages ago, it might of even be years. This was confirmed by noting that the version was 0.6.

Downloaded the Nvu Windows version 1.0 from, double-clicked the icon on the Desktop, and followed the prompts to install Nvu where I wanted and selected how I wanted to run the programme. Note: I didn’t like the web site, as they have lots and lots of ads that were not blocked by my browser and continued to flash and be distracting.

More phew.

Fortunately, Nvu on the Windows box has a similar look and feel to that on the Linux box.

I have been assured that installing Nvu on Mac OS X is a “simple download-open-drag and drop into the Applications folder procedure”. Having never installed anything on a Mac before, I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this is indeed the case.

If you are wondering why I need Nvu on Linux, Windows, and Mac, it is because I am conducting a tutorial on how to create web pages. In addition, I am more familiar with using Nvu (and drafting the handout) on my Linux box, the majority of the students use Windows, and the tutorial is to be conduced in a Mac studio (what they call the computer lab that has Macs).


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