free guides for installing software

Software installation is often a huge step, even for those of us that are confident with our computing environment and have expertise with particular applications and services. To assist with that sometimes difficult task, Packt Publishing has launched, the beginnings of a one-stop source of installation guides. is using MediaWiki and the initial content is all the installation chapters from Packts’ own books.

From Packt’s own news:

“I’m more than happy to support an online repository of guides for installing software and Packt is honored to populate the Wiki with its first content” explains Packt spokesman, Damian Carvill. “Working closely with the open source community has given us insight into the difficulties of finding reliable documentation and the launch of a Wiki, which centralizes updated guides, will be warmly greeted”, he adds.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to receive a review copy of MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide. So I am delighted to see as it may assist those installations that don’t go quite according to book, hopefully with the collaboration on the wiki to troubleshoot various issues as they arise.

Although I had already successfully installed MediaWiki using the online guide prior to receiving my review copy, my initial installation went like the book. I’m about to move or re-install this wiki on another machine, so I will be consulting my book and when the time comes.

In addition, I am about to find out how to install Nvu on Mac OS X, having previously successfully installed it on a Windows and Linux machine.

I would like to encourage you to add what you know about installing software to, knowing that this is the step that most people have to stumble over, particularly with regard to open source software.


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