bean legacy

Peter collected seeds from his own garden having let some of his plants go to seed. He also gave me handfuls of the seeds out of his pockets when he was passing. Peter is the neighbour that gave me the gladioli.

I re-discovered the beans that Peter had given me over the years. They may not still be viable, but I am going to give them a try.

When I asked Peter what to do with the beans, he just said ‘eat’ 🙂 I guess what I was asking is how did Katrina and he prepare them. All I know is that some you use just the bean, and others the pod and beans.

As I don’t know what variety of bean they are, I am labelling them Peter Bean One, Peter Bean Two, and so on. You get the idea.

I planted today the nine Peter Bean One seeds in some castings from our earth worm factory.


3 thoughts on “bean legacy

  1. It looks like the upper left beans (also the ones in the larger pic) may be anasazi beans, which I suppose are cooked like pintos. The small reds in the lower center may be adzuki beans. One or the other of the white beans (far right) may be great northern or navy beans, but I couldn’t tell you which is which.

    Or I could be wrong on all counts.

  2. Thanks for helping me to identify the beans mimerki. I’ll certainly follow up your naming tips.

    You have also given me an idea. Given that they are edible beans, I’ll check out a grocer that we sometimes go to when we want to buy in bulk. They have sacks of grains, spices, and beans, and they are all labelled.

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