on the grape vine

The transplanted old grape vine not only has buds, but the buds are showing leaves.

A neighbour wanted the grape vine removed from her garden. H carefully dug it up ready to put in the wheel barrow to transport up to our home. Meanwhile, in between supervising and reading how to prune grape vines, I chose a spot to plant it in our garden that was not going to be in the way of house renovating so that it was unlikely to be moved in the near future.

In addition, I took eleven cuttings and each of these has budded and begun to sprout leaves. I’ll try to keep these in pots until we have more optimum south facing walls or fence space.

Ethel said that the vine produced tasty table grapes, but often the rats beat her to it. Hopefully our cats will warn or slow up any Rattus rattus nibbling.


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