uni week 07

Uni was a bit of a non-event this week due to still having flu and or a cold.

A visit to the doctors resulted in a course of antibiotics and a sick note, and told to go home and take our drugs. Yes, ‘our’. H has not escaped the lurgy. Hopefully we will both feel better once the antibiotics kick in.

I thought Friday’s session was a field trip to behind the scenes at Scitech, and although I packed my bag to go, I ended up unpacking it and putting everything away again. Just as well, as I got an email after the session was expected to finish to say that Scitech wasn’t until later in the month and I was supposed to be on campus. At least I still have that trip to look forward to and I wasn’t the only one that was confused, but I’m wondering what I missed.

The only study I’ve done this week is follow up some prior reading, including another chapter in Beverly Serrell’s Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach titled ’10 Deadly Sins and 14 Helpful Research Findings’. Most of which was commonsense, but it was nice definitive list of deadly sins and potential ways to improve the visitor experience.


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